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ELFBAR Prefilled Pod Kit LOWIT 5500 2%Nic

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Flavor: Bluberry Ice
Color: Black
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Introducing the ELFBAR LOWIT 5500, a groundbreaking innovation in vaping technology. This exceptional device features a remarkable 14 ml vape juice capacity, a rechargeable 500 mAh integrated battery, and a potent 2% nicotine strength. With its mesh coil technology, every puff delivers the perfect balance of airiness and flavor, ensuring a satisfying experience like no other.
What sets the ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 apart is its innovative design, offering a choice of six battery colors and over ten mouthwatering flavor options for the pods. You have the freedom to mix and match as you please.
For heavy e-cigarette users, the ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 can potentially save you up to 30% of your vaping expenses.

Package Includes:

2% Nicotine
1 * ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 Prefilled Pod
1 * ELFBAR LOWIT Battery Device 500 mAh
1 * USB Type-C Cable
1 * User Manual

1.Arrival takes 1-2 working days: UAE, Saudi Arabia 2.Arrival takes 2-5 working days: Oman, Kuwait, Qatar

3.Delivery fee of 25 AED/SAR, free delivery for orders over 100 AED/SAR:

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ELFBAR strives to provide our customers with high-quality e-cigarettes, but there is a very low probability that the product might not perform as expected upon delivery or after a period of use for reasons beyond our control.

This warranty has been established to protect the rights of all our customers in such situations.

ELFBAR offers a warranty period for all of our products, which might vary by the specific product type. Please refer to the following table for details.

Product Item Warranty Period
Disposable Vape Device 12 months from the date of manufacture
Pod System Pod 12 months from the date of manufacture
Device 12 months from the date of delivery or original retail purchase
Accessories Charger, Cable 12 months from the date of delivery or original retail purchase
Consumables E-liquid Not applicable, after-sales only in case of problems found on the receipt of goods