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ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 Prefilled Pod 2%Nic

ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 Prefilled Pod 2%Nic

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Discover the world of ELFBAR's latest innovation, the LOWIT 5500 Prefilled Pod, which offers a staggering 14 ml vape juice capacity and a robust 2% (20 mg/ml) nicotine strength. With 13 exciting flavors to choose from, this pod is designed for prolonged satisfaction and a smooth, satisfying nicotine hit. Its advanced mesh coil technology ensures rich flavor and robust vapor production. Plus, it's a cost-saving option for frequent vapers, potentially reducing your expenses by 30%. To unlock its full potential, pair it with the ELFBAR LOWIT Prefilled Pod Battery Device.

Upgrade to the ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 Pod today and experience vaping like never before. With just one ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 Prefilled Pod, you can embark on your premium vaping journey.

1 * ELFBAR LOWIT 5500 Prefilled Pod  2%Nicotine

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